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Providing the expert financial services to businesses and individuals with well experienced chartered accountants, Management Consultants, Business Analyst, System Analyst, Audit Managers & Senior Level Corporate professionals.

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As a prominent accounting and auditing firm in Dubai, we pride ourselves on our comprehensive financial services, which embrace a holistic approach. We meticulously analyze every facet of your business, ensuring a thorough understanding of the nuanced implications of each strategic decision, ultimately driving enhanced future performance.

Audit & Accounting
Al Wasl Accounting offers premier Audit and Accounting services in Dubai, ensuring compliance and financial optimization for businesses through expert analysis and tailored solutions.
Business Re-engineering & Redesigning
Business re-engineering is a business management strategy, focusing on the analysis and design of workflows and business processes within an organization. Business re-engineering aimed to help organizations fundamentally rethink how to do their work in order to dramatically improve customer service, cut operational costs and become world class competitors.
Management Information System [MIS]
Information is one of the most vital components of business. MIS provides various reports like:
Descriptive Reports, Diagnostic Reports
Predictive Reports, Prescriptive Reports

MIS Reports

Descriptive Reports

Descriptive Reports provide the status of the business such as sales, purchase, customer, supplier, financial, production reports. It is in other words “What is” information.

Diagnostic Reports

Diagnostic Reports indicate that“What is wrong” in descriptive reports to the original “What is” based on current information.

Predictive Reports

Predictive Reports​ are future scenario and in other words “what if” based on current information

Prescriptive Reports

Prescriptive Report is nothing but "what should be done" to all the above findings and how to move forward.


Well experienced Chartered Accountant's, Management Consultants, Business Analyst, System Analyst, Audit Managers and Senior Level Corporate Professionals.


• Evaluation of existing Management Information System (MIS).
• Systems and procedures in operations
• Cost and investment stratergy


• Cash Flow Management
• Human Resource Management
• Asset/Wealth Management
• Inventory Controls

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As a partner of corporates, We have more than 400+ partners of all sizes and all potential.

A Tale of Triumph : Hussain Mohd Abbas' Journey to Success with Al Wasl Accounting

Experience the triumph of Hussain Mohd Abbas, gracefully guided by Al Wasl Consultancy. Dive into a narrative of resilience and sophistication, where challenges become stepping stones to remarkable achievements.

Witness the synergy between vision and expertise, crafting a story of timeless elegance and inspiration. Celebrate success, meticulously crafted with Al Wasl Consultancy's artistry.

Our Success Stories

As a partner of corporates, We have more than 400+ partners of all sizes and all potential.

SUN International FZE
Jacob's Garden Hotel
SISCO Steel Contracting 
Hussain Mohd Abbas
Kreol Group
Tadawi Hospital

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